3 Quick Steps To Increase Your Metabolism Today

The Holy Grail of the Diet world is probably the attempt to gain a high metabolism. Granted it is a major undertaking that really takes a lot of time and energy to accomplish getting a better metabolic rate (that rate at which your body burns calories while resting). The key is to try to increase the rate and get it high enough so that it burns calories at the same rate as you bring them into your body, below in this article are 3 of the best ways that you can start to rev up your metabolic rate.

What it really comes down to is (1) what you eat (2) when you eat and (3) the types of exercise you engage in to get rid of it. To begin with, what you eat and drink are major contributors to the rate that your body burns calories, no big surprise there right? The interesting part is that foods which are high in fiber and protein are better at increasing your metabolic rate then simple carbohydrates. It makes sense then to add more lean meat, green veggies, and fruit like apples and grapefruits to your daily food intake.

Feel free to add a lot of spice to your food as well like cinnamon and peppers, they have proven to have wonderful affects on a metabolism. Also since your body cannot do much properly when it is dehydrated try to make it a practice to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. If you get tired of water switch to green tea or other herbal teas which can also help out as well.

Now about when to drink and eat, the 3 meals per day idea that most of us are accustomed to doesn’t just add up anymore if your looking to lose weight or increase your metabolism. Try to eat smaller portions of food more times throughout the day. Skipping breakfast (or any meal for that matter) is never a good idea and try to eat ever 2 to 3 hours each day. If you are stuck on the whole 3 times a day I need to eat thing, then try to eat smaller portions of those meals and try to snack between meals throughout the day as long as those snacks are the good ones discussed earlier.

Try not to eat your last big meal later than 7:00 so as to give your body plenty of time to digest before bed so when you’re asleep all your metabolism has to work on is your excess fat. Also try not to drink too much with your meal since it slows everything down and your food will just sort of float there in your belly, sorry for the visual.

Lastly is what we do to assist our body in the burning process or in other words, exercise. All types of physical activity will help boost our metabolic rate but the more we can do to build muscle the better. So adding in weight training to our workout routine if we haven’t already is a major plus to a quicker long term calorie burn.

The reason for this is that muscle burns off more calories than fat does, at about a rate of 17 times more. Therefore the more muscle you have the greater amount of calories your body will be burning to keep you energized every day. You may rationalize though that an aerobic exercise burns more calories during the workout itself which is true, however in the time that follows an exercise weight training does more to keep your metabolism moving faster.

These aren’t necessarily hard things to do. In fact you’re doing them already, it’s just a matter of the way you’re doing them. So eat well, eat often, please get off the couch and go do some heavy lifting and keep revving up the little engine in your body that wants to make you thin.